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Overview VMware Antrea and NSX extend advanced data centre networking and security capabilities to containerised workloads and offer a single pane of glass for organisations so that security admins can configure micro-segmentation policies rules to both containers and standard workloads (VMs and bare metals) from the same NSX UI. VMware Antrea and NSX integration is […]

12 June 2023


Antrea, NSX, Openshift

Overview Antrea CNI offers a very handy feature called NodePortLocal which runs as part of the Antrea agents. This feature allows exposed Pod to be accessed from external network using specific ports opened only on the node on which that pod is running. This enables better integration with external Load Balancers which can take advantage […]

Overview In my previous blog post HERE I deployed VMware Antrea IDS and demonstrated how VMware IDS can secure pods running Antrea as CNI against malicious attacks, and although the feature is in tech preview it is very promising to see that VMware is committed to the vision of bringing Tanzu/Kubernetes security as an integral […]

27 September 2022


Antrea, Kubernetes, NSX, Tanzu

Overview With the release of NSX and VMware Antrea 1.5.0 came a very interesting announcement that you can now secure Antrea containers integrated with NSX using NSX IDPS i.e. leveraging threat prevention sigantures and capabilities to secure your containerised workloads. This feature is however is tech preview only at the moment, which means it is not […]