Overview NSX ALB (Avi) offers rich capabilities for L4-L7 load balancing across different clouds and for different workloads, this in addition to Global Site Load Balancing functionality (GSLB) which allows an organisation to run multiple sites in either Active-Active (load balancing and DR) or Active-Standby (DR) fashion. For load balancing containerised workloads in Tanzu/Kubernetes clusters, […]

Overview In my previous blog post (HERE) I talked about integrating Tanzu workload clusters on vSphere with Tanzu (TKGs) with WS1 access as external identity provider, I was glad to receive positive reactions on that but I also received couple of requests for covering the same topic but for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKGm) since there […]

Overview With the release of vSphere 8, VMware introduced Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters version 2, with TKG 2 you can integrate the supervisor cluster with an external identity provider via OpenID Connect (which utilises OAuth2.0 for client authentication) which allows organisations to use separate users and groups for their developers who need to deploy and […]

Overview NSX ALB (previously known as Avi) offers rich capabilities for L4-L7 load balancing across different clouds and for different workloads. However if you run vSphere with Tanzu (TKGs) on top of NSX-T networking, NSX-T will deploy standard NSX load balancers to offer L4 load balancing for guest Tanzu clusters cluster-api and subsequent loadbalancer services […]

Overview I decided to find sometime before the end of the year and about a month before closing the application submission period for the vExpert program for 2022, and write this blog post about this amazing program which is all about knowledge sharing and giving back to the greater vCommunity, which is the community formed […]

Overview During a recent incident I accidentally deleted a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster which had Antrea CNI integrated with NSX. To my surprise, there was no way for NSX to identify that this cluster was not present anymore and all the cluster inventory information (nodes, namespaces, pods, etc.) were still visible in NSX manager UI under […]