Overview I decided to find sometime before the end of the year and about a month before closing the application submission period for the vExpert program for 2022, and write this blog post about this amazing program which is all about knowledge sharing and giving back to the greater vCommunity, which is the community formed […]

Overview During a recent incident I accidentally deleted a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster which had Antrea CNI integrated with NSX. To my surprise, there was no way for NSX to identify that this cluster was not present anymore and all the cluster inventory information (nodes, namespaces, pods, etc.) were still visible in NSX manager UI under […]

Overview Note: After I have written this blog post I got to hear that work on maintaining project Octant might come to an end, so I thought to include this piece of news as well. Project Octant is an open source project which offers introspection capability into Tanzu and native Kubernetes clusters. It offers a […]

Overview I am just back from VMware Explore in Barcelona after presenting an interesting session about securing containers with Antrea and NSX and I am very excited and pumped to see how our Tanzu portfolio has/is evolved/evolving and this just gave me a push to revisit a topic which is bit common, yet will be […]

Overview In the second part of this blog post I will be finalising my NSX Application Platform deployment on upstream Kubernetes. In Part 1 of this blog series I deployed a vanilla Kubernetes cluster from the ground up, deployed VMware Antrea as CNI, MetalLb as load balancer provider and vSphere storage plugin (CSI provider) which […]

Overview In a previous blog post (HERE) I deployed NSX Application Platform on top of TKGs kubernetes cluster, however I had different discussions with both customers and partners and based on that I decided to write another blog post to cover NSX Application Platform (NAPP) deployment on upstream (aka native) Kubernetes cluster, since not all […]

Overview With the release of vSphere 8, VMware introduced Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters version 2, with TKG 2 you can provision two types of workload clusters on Supervisor cluster, traditional Tanzu Kubernetes clusters (TKCs) and Clusters based on a ClusterClass. With the introduction of Cluster Class TKG deployment API, this will provide a unified method of […]