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Overview In my previous blog post HERE I deployed VMware Antrea IDS and demonstrated how VMware IDS can secure pods running Antrea as CNI against malicious attacks, and although the feature is in tech preview it is very promising to see that VMware is committed to the vision of bringing Tanzu/Kubernetes security as an integral […]

27 September 2022


Antrea, Kubernetes, NSX, Tanzu

Overview With the release of NSX and VMware Antrea 1.5.0 came a very interesting announcement that you can now secure Antrea containers integrated with NSX using NSX IDPS i.e. leveraging threat prevention sigantures and capabilities to secure your containerised workloads. This feature is however is tech preview only at the moment, which means it is not […]

After two remote VMworld (2020 – 2021) due to Corona pandemic travel restrictions, I could not be more excited to be going to Barcelona and speaking at VMware Explore 2022 and meeting with customers and partners from all over Europe. At the end, Explore (aka VMworld) is all about networking with the rest of the […]

15 September 2022




Overview N-VDS (or NSX Virtual Distributed Switch) was introduced with the release of NSX-T, and its main function was to provide the host with NSX data plane for handling NSX managed traffic (VMs which are connected to NSX segments and handled by NSX policies). This meant that for every NSX enabled host, administrators had to […]

7 September 2022




Overview NSX ALB (previously known as Avi) offers rich capabilities for L4-L7 load balancing across different clouds and for different workloads. NSX ALB can be configured to L4-L7 load balance across containers workloads by means of deploying an ingress controller which is known as AKO (Avi Kubernetes Operator) and leverage the standard Ingress API in […]